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UNI EN 16636: 2015

EN 16636: 2015  

Pest Management Services – Requirements and Competences
EN 16636 is the European Standard for the pest management industry. It has been developed in order to support and to value the European pest management sector and its operators.
The standard meets the requirements, in European area, to increase the safety of Pest Control activities and to represent the competence of the operators in order to protect consumers, the environment, animals and goods.
The high professionalism and sustainable management in accordance with the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), key points of the standard, fit with the needs of the agricultural sector and related (for example Food Contact Material) to acquire a pest control service aiming to meet , effectively and efficiently, the requests of the Control Authorities, of Retailers (BRC, IF , BRC IO , etc.) and stakeholders in general. Besides, the standard will be required for participation in tenders as a prerequisite to qualify companies.
CSI S.p.A. is a CEPA Certified® Certification Body, as signatory of the italian agreement with ANID (Associazione Nazionale Imprese di Disinfestazione) recognized in Europe by CEPA (Confederation of European Pest Management Associations).
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