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ISO 22005

UNI EN ISO 22005: Certification of the food chain and the internal traceability

UNI EN ISO 22005: 2008 standard is currently a consolidated reference point for the certification of the food chains.

The certification certifies the transparency of the organization for the market, by means of the clear policy of sharing the intentions and the relations between the main organization and the other parts of the chain. Moreover, it proves the capacity to reconstruct quickly and in any moment the story of the certified product, giving the company a support in fulfillment of the obligatory requirements.

The process of certification includes the initial field inspection for verification purpose, as well as annual periodic supervision performed by CSICERT AGROFOOD SCHEMES in the various part of the chain, according to the established sampling criteria.

The certificate granted to the main organization of the chain, indicates clearly the parts and phases which constitute the traced chain.


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