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IFS HPC Certification for household and personal care products

CSI now can certify according to IFS HPC standard

What is IFS HPC Certification?

IFS Certification HPC - International Featured Standard Household and Personal Care - is a certification scheme designed for companies that manufacture household and personal care products (private label) and not.

This product certification scheme originates from the need of companies operating in the international Mass Market Retailers field to have a reference hygiene and quality standard for producers and suppliers able to monitor and verify the production and manufaturing processes and its compliance with hygiene requirements alongside the entire supply chain, ensuring the safety and quality of household chemicals and all cosmetic and personal care products.


The IFS-HPC certification scheme has as its primary objective the harmonization of all the different standards adopted by European retailers, in order to respond effectively to the expectations of safety and quality of consumers.

All representatives of major retailers have collaborated in the preparation of this standard of safety and quality of products; this is a real advantage and a valuable help for those players involved in the process of compliance with all safety requirements. Through certification audits by Third Party Bodies, it constitutes a strong and concrete response to consumer safety expectations.

Objectives of the IFS-HPC Certification

  • Establish a uniform assessment system for manufacturers, reducing second-party audits and consequently costs and deadlines
  • Ensure product compliance with national and international regulations through correct and controlled processing methods
  • Ensure product safety, prompt risk management and transparency throughout the production chain

Advantages of IFS-HPC Certification

  • Guarantees international recognition and qualifies the company as a supplier for the Mass Retail Channel;
  • Gives visibility and allows the sharing of the audit report with the most important supply chains through the IFS database;
  • Allows companies to better control internal processes with risk reduction;
  • Allows the producer to increase the confidence of the supply and distribution chains served thanks to a proactive approach to product safety.


The IFS-HPC Certification is addressed mainly to all companies that produce and / or process, handle bulk products and primary packaging of household chemicals and cosmetic products for retailer private labels. The IFS HPC Standard covers four specific group of products: Cosmetics, Household chemical products, Daily use household product and Personal hygiene products such as:

  • Cosmetic products (in contact with the skin): cosmetic products (eg shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, cosmetic wipes, make-up etc.);
  • Household chemicals: detergents and products for house and car cleaning, special detergents, (eg for swimming pools);
  • Products to eliminate bad smells in environments (eg spray or spray cans, candles, etc.); Insecticides;
  • Household items (in contact with food): Materials and articles intended for contact with food (eg cutlery and plates made of plastic and paper, aluminum foil, etc.). Other items: sponges, plastic bags for garbage etc.
  • Personal hygiene products (in contact with skin): Products or materials for body care, excluding cosmetic products (eg feminine hygiene products, hair brushes, razors, some class medical equipment) 1, diapers, wigs, artificial eyelashes etc.).
  • Products or materials intended for contact with the oral cavity (eg toothbrushes, adhesive paste for dental prostheses, dental floss, toothpicks, etc.).


  • Preaudit (optional): the company can choose whether to carry out a preliminary check which allows to assess the company's status in relation to what is required by the IFS HPC standard;
  • Certification audit;
  • Release/issue of the certificate with update of the IFS portal;
  • Annual renewal audits;

CSI has also signed the agreement with A.I.S.E. for the certification of "Sustainable Cleaning”, which promotes sustainability at companies that produce detergents and other cleaning products, both domestic and industrial ( www.sustainable-cleaning.com)

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