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CSICERT AGROFOOD SCHEMES is CSI Division for the voluntary certification of products and processes related specifically to food and to food packaging.

The presence of CSICERT AGROFOOD SCHEMES within a system of laboratory services operating on a wide range of product sectors and a system for the certification of products - processes - services , allows to offer to companies a broad portfolio of integrated certification services.

The voluntary third-party certification of product and process, offered by CSI, is an important tool available to companies to value their activities against a demanding market.

CSICERT AGROFOOD SCHEMES  works in different certification schemes accredited by Accredia (Italian National Accreditation Body). For the official lists and schedules of accreditation visit the website www.accredia.it.

CSI works directly or through its partners in the following countries: Spain, France, Poland, Romania, Turkey, China, Korea, India, Japan.

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